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SEO – How Search Engine Optimization Works

At its most basic level, SEO is the practice of increasing the amount of quality traffic to your website through search engine results.

Whenever you search for something on Google, the results that show up (minus paid ads at the top) are the organic search results that have the highest chances of giving you the information you‘re after.

In order to determine which results show up where. search engines like Google use complex algorithms and a laundry list of ranking factors that essentially evaluate and “grade” each web page that’s uploaded to the internet.

Naturally. the closer you rank to the top result on the first page of a search. the more traffic you’re going to get.

How SEO Works

How Google Ranks Your Site

Though this is by no means a complete list – Aside from Google. no one knows all the metrics Google takes into consideration – here are some of the most heavily weighed factors:

  • - Domain authority
  • - Page authority
  • - Content quality
  • - Keyword usage
  • - Content length & formatting
  • - Traffic quantity & quality
  • - Social metrics
  • - Domain-level brand features

As you can see. SEO gets very complex, but essentially. it all comes down to making sure your website and content can be easily found and digested by search engine users while providing them with an abundance of value.

Because SEO involves more behind the scenes work. it’s not uncommon for companies to overlook its importance.

Search engines like Google are constantly making changes to their algorithms,which ultimately affect the SEO practices that brands should be using.

Website Overview

5 Eye-Opening SEO Statistics

While the number of webpages increases by the day. it is those that follow basic SEO guidelines that rank the highest and take up the lion’s share of in-bound organic traffic.

1. Google is The Powerhouse of Search Engines

Google is The Powerhouse of Search Engines. Google gets more than 65,000 searches every second of every day. What that means for you is the better your pages rank, the more likely customers are to find you instead of competitors

2. A Peek Behind the Curtain

In an interview with one of Google’s high ranking strategists confirmed that high— quality content and link building are the two most important signals used by Google to rank your pages

3. Just How Valuable is the #1 Spot

To help give you a better idea of how important SEO is, first-page search results on Google get a whopping 91.5{b497a24d07ddde503a8e20c28adddb355e76b486645aa7e354353fdb0a2d3437} of the traffic. Bottom line, you don‘t want to be anywhere but the first page

4. Content is Still King

Ultimately, Google and other search engines like Bing! and Yahoo share the common objective of connecting their users with the most relevant content possible. Even though paid advertisements take up a fair amount of first-page real estate in search engines, organic searches account for 51{b497a24d07ddde503a8e20c28adddb355e76b486645aa7e354353fdb0a2d3437} of total website traffic.

5. Where Your Efforts Should Be Focused

In a study of over 1 Billion Web Pages, Ahrefs found that a whopping 91 Percent of web pages receive no organic traffic from Google.” that means not a single visitor searched on Google and found those site pages

When it comes to SEO. Play the Long Game

Learning everything there is to know about SEO can take a long, long time. In fact, SEO experts that have been at it for years are still constantly learning and honing
their craft.

The reason for this is that SEO is constantly changing and evolving as search engines make updates, meaning you always have to be on top of what’s new. While it‘s critical that businesses adapt to the evolution of SEO, it isn‘t critical that everything be learned and rebuilt overnight.

At the core of SEO is a basic need to keep information updated and fresh. Just look at search results when you type in a news-worthy topic.

If you dare, search for presidential election during the campaign season and often the highest SERP results will be news sources. In simple terms. this due to their reliability and continuous stream of new information.

So often, people across every industry build websites as a way to hang an online shingle. The site might go years without receiving an update and no new content is added.

This might work if you‘re well known in a small town. or perhaps you‘ve got a steady stream of leads from other sources. Some companies deploy an army of outside sales people.

A solid website in an industry that people research online is primed for success and following SEO best practices is going to be the difference in obtaining the client base that you need to help your business thrive.

Recognize that the best step to take is the first one. toward learning more about how you can climb the rankings for search terms related to your business.

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    Search Engine Optimization

    People often point to content as the primary means by which search engines rank your website, without regard to how your website is built

    Site structure is often overlooked as an variable to how your site behaves and thus, how users behave on your website.

    What do we mean by site structure?

    Well for starters, your site needs to be speed optimized and this requires a whole host of things.

    Javascript, CSS and HTML all need to be optimized. This is the process by which we take the lines of code that make up your website and reduce white space and eliminate unnecessary characters that make up the written code.

    Also. images need to be compressed or shrunk – when the information that makes up your website travels the millions of miles of backhaul and through the atmosphere to a smartphone, it needs to be done in an efficient manner.

    Having one megabyte images throughout your website is not a great idea when a 130 kb photo of the same thing renders equally well. This requires some basic knowledge of photoshop. You can also utilize plugins to reduce the size of website

    SEO Glossary of Terms

    Domain Authority

    Simply put, Domain Authority is a metric developed by Moz. predicting your search traffic rank on a l to 100 scale There are multiple factors that create a score. including domain age, backlink quality, social sharing and brand search. There are a number of other measurement tools out there, such as Ahrefs “Domain Rating” that lend insight into the quality of your domain On a positive note, there are ways to increase your score by making a few key changes to your website

    Web Crawler

    This is a bot that performs the process of scanning and ultimately discovering web pages on the internet


    After a bot has crawled your website it stores the information and organizes it for distribution.


    “Search Engine Results Page” is the actual page that contain the results of a users search query.


    This is the subject of a users search on a search engine and the centerpiece of building website traffic, especially related to SEO. Google and other search engines make an effort to connect their users with the most relevant content available on the web and they do so by determining which website best provide information on a given keyword.


    This is a link that comes from another site, sometimes referred to as “Inbound Link.” Backlinks are especially useful coming from other sites that maintain solid domain authority. It is also good receiving links that point to a variety of content on your website.