Content Marketing is an efficient and economic way of growing your website’s traffic. More high quality traffic leads to more conversions, which lead to more sales.

Content Marketing and How it can shape your business

Even though there are countless benefits that content marketing can bring to your business, below, we’ve covered some of the most important ones to help you see opportunities to improve.

What is Content Marketing?

Think about the number of online ads you see on a daily basis. Now, how many of them do you click on? Probably not very many, or perhaps, maybe even none. Every day, internet users are exposed to billions of online ads that are all trying to do one thing – grab their attention.

The way people are researching and buying things these days is completely different from the way it was done even just 10 short years ago. It’s not to say that online ads aren’t effective, it’s just that most companies don’t utilize PPC properly – but more on that later.

Rather than trying to go the hard sale route and tantalize potential prospects with little tidbits of information that inevitably lead to some kind of landing page, content marketing is all about consistently delivering free, valuable, and relevant content to your target audience.

At its core, it is storytelling.

Why Does Content Marketing Work?

Consumers these days aren’t frequently browsing the internet with their credit card in hand, instead, they want to be wined and dined with genuinely helpful information that they can enjoy without having to give you their payment information.

The whole purpose of content marketing is to build trust with your reader base, which then develops into brand loyalty, and, most importantly, happy paying customers. Even though it may sound counterproductive from a cash flow standpoint, the more free information you give you, the more customers you’ll get.

Imagine you’re confronted by two salesmen. One is talking all about the benefits and costs of their product while holding a contract, and the other is offering you a free book that’s packed with information. Which one are you likely to go with? Probably the free book guy.

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Why Does Content Marketing Work?

Content Marketing works because people want to feel connected to the things they purchase.

It is often as much about the people or company selling something as it is the product itself.

Think about people who ‘buy local’ – it’s an awesome life principle, but at it’s core, it’s really about building and creating a tribe or people who you want to take care of and who want to take care of you.

Content marketing gives consumers the insights into your business that they would never get from a billboard or a magazine ad.

It is your story, built for people who want to read or watch how you go about it before they buy.

One of the best ways to start getting into content marketing is by starting a blog on your website that you regularly update with value-packed posts on a variety of topics that are relevant and useful to your niche and target consumers.

Of course, content marketing goes far beyond just creating blog posts, it also encompasses the creation of valuable content in a variety of formats such as white papers, infographics, videos, and even webinars to name a few.

After you decide on a content marketing strategy, social media can help you instantly share your content with thousands of potential customers as one of the most powerful marketing channels you have at your disposal.

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5 Mind-Blowing Content Marketing Statistics

Content Marketing plays an important role in growing web traffic.

1. The Power of the Blog

If you’ve been doubting what a blog can do for your brand, you’ll be surprised to learn than small businesses with a blog experience 126{b497a24d07ddde503a8e20c28adddb355e76b486645aa7e354353fdb0a2d3437} more growth that businesses without one.

2. Cost Effective Lead Generation

Content marketing has been shown to generate as much as three times more leads than outbound marketing while also costing an impressive 62{b497a24d07ddde503a8e20c28adddb355e76b486645aa7e354353fdb0a2d3437} less.

3. Content Marketing vs. Paid Search Ads

When compared dollar for dollar, content marketing was able to get three times as many leads as paid search marketing for each dollar spent.

4. The Conversion Rates You’ve Always Wanted

Because marketing is all about conversions, we love to point out that content marketing generates conversion rates that are six times higher than that of traditional marketing.

5. How Much Content is Too Much

To give you a better idea of how much content you should be publishing for the best results, more than 60{b497a24d07ddde503a8e20c28adddb355e76b486645aa7e354353fdb0a2d3437} of professional marketers are publishing at least one piece of content each day.

How Wonderboy fits into the picture

Starting a blog and coming up with creative ways to distribute high-quality content on a weekly, if not daily basis, requires a lot of resources and manpower. If you’re a small business that already has a few people wearing multiple hats, it’s simply not a feasible undertaking.

At Wonderboy Creative, we offer a comprehensive suite of content marketing strategies so you can focus on more important business aspects. We also utilize the latest tools and methods to test and measure all along the way. Our team can handle everything from topic brainstorming to full content creation across a variety of formats.

No matter what kind of content schedule you’re looking to establish, we can work with your budget to ensure your brand is effectively tapping into this important marketing channel.

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